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Blockage Detection

Present Scenario Present Technique-Hydro-testing of the pipelines only indicates the presence of leak but not .

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Heat Exchanger Leakage Detection

Present Scenerio Present Technique-Shut down and visual inspection Limitations in Existing Technique:- Time consuming Very .

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Sediment Transport Study

Present Scenario Present Technique-Rough understanding based on scaled down mathematical models of the ports Limitations .

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Pipe Scanning

Present Scenario No technology available to correctly assess the exact location and nature of blockage .

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Leakage Detection from Reservoirs

Present Scenario Present Technique-Visual inspection to assess leakage Grouting carried out not in conformity with .

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Fly Ash Disposal Studies

Present Scenario Present Technique-Analysis of geo hydrological parameters Limitations in Existing Technique:- No accuracy Time .

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Gamma Column Scanning

Present Scenario Operational parameters are checked by visual inspection and analysis Limitations in Existing Technique:- .

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